Plassen Verlag

Plassen Verlag


Company: Plassen Verlag
Fields of operation: Media, Digital, Technology

When German readers are looking for non-fiction-books dealing with topics like digitalization, disruption and the tasks of the next decades, chances are high that they will get in touch with Plassen Verlag. Being still pretty young (established as an imprint of Börsenmedien AG in 2012) Plassen impresses with an illustrious list of authors and titles.

Bill Clinton and George Soros were published as well as the best-selling “Second Machine Age” which was awarded a “Deutscher Wirtschaftsbuchpreis” in 2015. Titles like “Rise of the Robots”, “Industries of the Future” or “Blockchain Revolution” show the emphasis the editorial team places on DLD-topics.

Upcoming titles of the next months besides others include “Hit Refresh” by Microsoft-CEO Satya Nadella, “Insane Mode” about Elon Musk and Tesla and “The Four”, the long awaited book by Prof. Scott Galloway.