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Beate Merk
Free State of Bavaria
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Beate Merk

Company: Free State of Bavaria
Title: Bavarian State Minister for European Affairs and International Relations
Location: Munich, Germany
Fields of operation: Politics

Born in 1957.
Degree in law (universities of Munich and Wuerzburg, Germany), Doctorate in law.
11 yrs legal officer within several bodies of the Bavarian State Administration (Bavarian State Chancellery, Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior, office of the county district commissioner of Neu-Ulm); 8 yrs Mayor of the town of Neu-Ulm.
Since 2003 member of the government of the Free State of Bavaria (2003-2013 State Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection, since 2013 [State Minister of European Affairs and International Relations](http://www.baviere-quebec.org/archives/pm/2014/00741/index.php.en)).
2003-2013: Vice-chairwoman of the CSU.
Since 1996: member of the county council of Neu-Ulm county, since 1999: member of the CSU executive committee, since 2008: member of the Bavarian State Parliament. Chairwoman of the Frauen-Union (Women`s organization in the CSU) of the district of Swabia, Honorary Senator of Neu-Ulm University off Applied Science.
Lives in Munich and Neu-Ulm.